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Everything you need for a successful Percent Comp., Empirical & Molecular Formulas Unit! Three complete lessons: each lesson includes student notes, detailed teacher notes, check for understanding exit tickets, and homework. Also, included in this Mega Unit Bundle are 1 Lab, two quizzes, one set of task cards, color-by-number, two doodle notes, 1 graphic organizer, and a domino puzzle. And finally, an editable unit study guide and editable unit test are included!

Note about the Mole Lesson: I introduce the mole at the end of the atomic structure unit—counting atoms, and it is included in the Atomic Structure Unit. This time of the year usually falls not long after working with dimensional analysis making it fresh on their minds. By putting this first mole lesson in the Atomic Structure Unit, it reinforces dimensional analysis, and brings the mole in to play early in the year.

I use this mole review lesson after nomenclature. By doing this, the lesson reinforces nomenclature, molar mass, dimensional analysis (for the third time in the year), and molar conversions all in one lesson! This gives yet another reinforcement of these concepts before getting to reactions, and for more reinforcement before stoichiometry—which I have found to be most beneficial and successful!

The Percentage Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Mega Unit Bundle includes these concepts:

Define mole in terms of Avogadro’s number.

Use the periodic table to determine molar masses of pure substances.

Calculations involving mass in grams, amount in moles, number of atoms in a pure substance, and molar volume.

Calculate percentage composition of compounds

Define empirical formula, and explain how empirical formula applies to ionic and molecular compounds.

Determine the empirical formula from either a percentage composition of a mass composition.

Explain the relationship between the empirical formula and the molecular formula.

Determine the molecular formula of a compound from its empirical formula.


Products Included in This Mega Bundle:

Note: each lesson consists of a editable PowerPoint, Student Notes (Cornell Style), Teacher Notes, Exit Ticket, and a Homework /Practice Assignment

Lesson: The Mole: A Review Lesson

Lesson: Percentage Composition

Lesson: Empirical & Molecular Formulas

Chemistry Lab: Percent Water in a Hydrate

Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Domino Puzzle

Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Task Cards

Percent Composition Doodle Notes

Empirical & Molecular Formulas Doodle Notes

Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Color-by-Number


Free Bonuses:

Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Unit Study Guide- completely editable (Honors & Standard)

Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Unit Test- completely editable

Note: The PowerPoints included in this bundle are editable, animated PowerPoints. This means that slides will appear to be busy and even overlapping in the “slide” mode, but will be awesome in the “slide show” mode. Please don’t edit the PowerPoint until you have watched it in slide show mode.

Included in This Product:

  • 3 Editable, Animated PowerPoints- 58 Total Slides!
  • 3 Student Notes- Cornell Style Cloze Notes w/ Example KEYS print & digital
  • 3 Homework/Practice Assignments w/KEYS (Honors & Standard) print & digital
  • 3 Exit Tickets w/KEYS print & digital
  • 2 Quizzes Editable (Honors & Standard)
  • 1 Graphic Organizer
  • 1 Lab: Percent Water in a Hydrate
  • 1 Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas Domino Puzzle
  • 1 Color-by-Number: Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas
  • 2 Doodle Notes:
  • Percent Composition
  • Empirical & Molecular Formulas
  • 1 Set of Task Cards: Percent Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas
  • 3 Teacher Notes slide-by-slide background, tips, and strategies (17 pages)
  • 1 Unit Study Guide—Editable w/KEY (Honors & Standard)
  • 1 Unit Test—Editable w/KEY

This BUNDLE will be a something you will want to use year after year and SAVE you money, too!

This unit is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry.

Chemistry Corner


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