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Lesson Objectives:

  • Identify the types of mixtures.
  • Differentiate between heterogeneous mixtures and homogeneous mixtures
  • Identify the properties of a solution
  • Describe the process of dissolving
  • Define an aqueous solution
  • Name factors that affect solubility – nature of the solute & solvent, temperature, & pressure
  • Name factors that affect the rate of dissolution – increase surface area, heating, stirring or shaking
  • Classify solutions as saturated, unsaturated, or supersaturated
  • Read and interpret solubility curves
  • Discuss how solution concentrations are important in everyday life
  • Calculate molarity
  • Calculate percent composition by mass, and by volume
  • Calculate parts per million and parts per billion
  • Describe how to make a solution
  • Calculate dilutions
  • Describe how to make a dilution
  • Define acid and base according to Arrhenius’s theory
  • Describe the formation of the hydronium ion
  • Describe the pH scale, and classify solutions as acidic, basic, or neutral
  • Identify and list the properties of acids
  • Identify and list the properties of bases
  • Complete neutralization reaction equations

Prior Knowledge:

Chemical Bonding, Precipitate, Basic Mixtures

Products Included in this MEGA Bundle (at this time)

Solutions & Solubility

Solutions: Concentration – Molarity & ppm

Acids & Bases: An Introduction

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This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry

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