Chemical Reactions—Lessons Bundle
Chemical Reactions—Lessons Bundle
Chemical Reactions—Lessons Bundle
Chemical Reactions—Lessons Bundle
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Chemical Reactions—Lessons Bundle

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Choose between the Chemical Reactions Lessons Unit Bundle and the Chemical Reactions MEGA Unit Bundle.

In this lessons bundle, each lesson has an editable PowerPoint, Student Notes, Check for Understanding, and Homework.
In the Chemical Reactions Mega Unit Bundle, you will find all of the resources included for the Chemical Reactions Unit! Check it out below, and choose the bundle that's right for you!

Chemical Reactions Mega Unit Bundle

All six Chemical Reactions Lessons in one bundle! Each Lesson: PowerPoint, Student Notes, Homework, Check for Understanding, Quiz, and Complete Teacher Notes.
Differentiated Lessons for Balancing Equations and Types of Reactions (standard and honors)

Lessons Included in This Bundle
Balancing Chemical Equations: An Inquiry Lesson
♦ Prove the Law of Conservation of Mass with a Quick Lab
♦ Relate the Law of Conservation of Mass with the balanced equation

Chemical Reactions: An Introductory Lesson
♦ Define a chemical reaction
♦ Identify evidence that indicate that a chemical reaction has occurred
♦ Relate the Law of Conservation of Mass to the balanced equation
♦ Identify the reactants and products of an equation
♦ Differentiate between a subscript and a coefficient, and use both to calculate the number of atoms present

Chemical Reaction: Writing Chemical Equations From Word Equations
♦ Write chemical equations from word equations
♦ Use common symbols such as states of matter and arrows when writing chemic equations
♦ Name the seven diatomic elements and write them correctly in a chemical equation

Chemical Reaction: Balancing Chemical Equations
♦ A differentiated lesson: Two lessons, Honors and Standard Lessons Included!
♦ Describe the Law of Conservation of Mass, and explain how it relates to the balanced equation
♦ Balance chemical equations
♦ Standard using tally/counting method
♦ Honors using “by inspection” method

Chemical Reactions: Types of Chemical Reactions
♦ A differentiated lesson: Three Honors Lessons, and One Standard Lesson Included!
♦ Identify the five basic types of chemical reactions: synthesis, decomposition, single replacement, double replacement, and combustion
♦ Predict products for each type of reaction
♦ Use the activity series to determine if a single replacement reaction will occur (honors)
♦ Use a solubility chart to determine the precipitate product of a double replacement reaction (honors)

Chemical Reactions- Net Ionic Equations
♦ Define the aqueous chemical reaction
♦ Write the formula equation for an aqueous chemical reaction and balance it.
♦ Write the complete ionic equation
♦ Identify spectator ions
♦ Write Net Ionic Equations

Prior Knowledge for Students:
Students should be very familiar with writing chemical formulas

Teacher Prep Time:
Just print and go!

Note: The PowerPoints included in this bundle are animated PowerPoints. This means that they will appear to be busy and even overlapping in the “slide” mode, but will be awesome in the “slide show” mode. Please don’t edit the product until you have watched it in slide show mode.

included in this packet:
✓ (8) Animated PowerPoints- Editable- 171 Total Slides
✓ (7) Student Notes- Cornell Style
✓ (7) Homework Assignments
✓ (7) Check for Understanding (Exit Ticket)
✓ (4) Quizzes
✓ (1) Activity Series
✓ (1) Solubility Chart
✓ (1) Using the Activity Series & Solubility Chart Practice Page (Honors)
✓ (1) Determining Solubility of select compounds (Honors)
✓ (4) Teacher Notes slide by slide, tips, and strategies. (16 pages)
✓ Teacher demos for each reaction type and unit intro with videos
✓ Inquiry Lesson w/ a quick lab and activity w/ manipulatives
✓ Unit Study Guides- Editable (honors & standard)
✓ Unit Tests- Editable (honors & standard)

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12.

You will want to save these lessons and use them for years to come!

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