Chemistry Homework: Liquids & The Kinetic-Molecular Theory

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This homework page is included in the lesson: States of Matter & The Kinetic-Molecular Theory: Liquids. This homework page can be used for homework or class practice.

With this homework page, students will practice relating the properties of liquids to the Kinetic-Molecular Theory. There are 11 questions and a challenge question that leads to some great discussion.

A complete KEY is included.

  • Relate the Kinetic-Molecular Theory of Liquids to the particular properties of liquids.
  • Describe the basic properties of liquids including fluidity, compressibility, density, diffusion, surface tension, and capillary action diffusion.
  • Define vaporization, evaporation, and boiling
  • Relate intermolecular forces, kinetic energy, and vapor pressure to evaporation and boiling.

Prior Knowledge:
  • Understand the concepts of phases of matter and how they relate to energy
  • A good understanding of the phases of matter related to energy changes, changes in attractive forces, and particle movement and arrangement
This homework is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry, or physical science.

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