Introducing the Bunsen Burner
Introducing the Bunsen Burner
Introducing the Bunsen Burner
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Introducing the Bunsen Burner

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Have you ever started that first lab of the year with students who have assured you that they know all about lighting a Bunsen burner, and suddenly complete mayhem breaks out?! You have students turning every knob, screams everywhere, and one student has completely screwed the top of the burner barrel off, left the gas flowing full-stream into the room, as he comes to pull on your sleeve to show you part of the burner in his hand. And, one student in the back has pulled off the burner tubing and lit the gas outlet just to make sure it was working—complete with shrills and shrieks! You are sick of your name by the end of the day because it has been called out 14,000 times.

With the teacher demonstration and burner lab activity included in this lesson, your students will master lighting and using the Bunsen burner, learn exactly how the Bunsen burner works, and, yes, even know that the word Bunsen is capitalized and why. You will not have to worry about Bunsen burners again for the rest of the year because your students will be Bunsen burner experts.

Includes a digital format of the student lab report for the paperless classroom.

This lesson is included in the bundle: Introduction to Chemistry Lab Unit Bundle

♦ Students will become familiar with the process and safety of lighting a Bunsen burner.
♦ Students will discover the hottest part of the Bunsen burner flame.
♦ Students will discuss the incomplete combustion that produces a yellow flame, and explain why the yellow flame is called the safety flame.

Prior Knowledge for Students:

Teacher Prep Time:
Practice, Practice, Practice the teacher demonstration. Embedded video in teacher notes show you exactly how to do the demonstration along with step-by-step instructions.
Then, just print & go!

Lesson Duration:
One 50 minute class period

Included in this resource:
✓ “Introducing the Bunsen Burner” background and instructions sheet (2 pages)
✓ Student Bunsen Burner Lab Report w/ KEY (fillable pdf for the paperless classroom)
✓ Teacher notes with step-by-step instructions and embedded video (3 pages)

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry or physical science.

You will want to save this lesson and use it for years to come!

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