Lab Safety Doodle Notes

Lab Safety Doodle Notes

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Chemistry Doodle Notes! Research is now coming available that sites that doodling while learning forms a connection between left brain and right brain communication and enhances learning. “Cross-brain” learning has many benefits for the student—most importantly, the activity of doodling will give your students a kinesthetic connection to core concepts.

In these doodle notes, students will identify lab safety procedures and rules—in doodle notes that they will be proud of and use! The included teacher notes suggest many ways of incorporating doodle notes in you class, and includes an example suggestion for completing the doodle notes. For interactive notebooks—just print at 90%, and it will fit beautifully!

There are two formats of the doodle notes—blank notes and cloze notes—choose the notes best for your students. The notes have a good amount of blank space so you can adapt the notes to fit your needs.

This lesson is included in the bundle: Introduction to Chemistry Lab Unit Bundle

Included in This Product:
✓ Blank Doodle Notes
✓ Doodle Notes with cloze notes
✓ Suggested KEY
✓ Teacher Hints & Tips for using doodle notes with your class (2 pages)

Prior Knowledge for Students:

Teacher Prep Time:
Just print and go!

Lesson Duration:
One class period

Just Print and Go! Everything is ready for immediate use in your classroom.

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry or physical science, and middle school.

Chemistry Corner.

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