Stoichiometry Task Cards
Stoichiometry Task Cards
Stoichiometry Task Cards
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Stoichiometry Task Cards

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Differentiate these task cards to meet your needs with the editable task cards included!

You will find these stoichiometry task cards to be a very versatile teaching tool. They can be used for practice with white boards, quizzes, partner or group work, or as an assignment in place of worksheets. Once they are cut out and laminated they will be a resource that can be used for years to come.

Wait- Before you buy- These task cards are included in the following bundle: Chemistry Task Cards for the Year- A Growing Bundle

There are twenty task cards included in this resource. Most of the questions are basic stoichiometry problems. There are two questions on percentage yield, and two questions on limiting reactants. Don’t teach these concepts? No problem! There are editable task cards included so that you can replace or add questions of your own. Differentiate these cards to meet your needs. You may even want to make two sets of cards for two different classes. That’s what I do. I have a set for my standard class and another set for my honors & advanced honors classes.

Four sets of task cards are included, three with colorful backgrounds, and one for black and white printing. Also, you will find a set of edible cards (with color or B&W) that can be used to add cards to the set, or replace a card that you don’t want.

♦ Use conversion factors to convert between amounts and types of substances
♦ Calculate stoichiometry problems.
♦ Calculate percentage yield
♦ Identify the limiting reactant in a problem and calculate yield based on that reactant.
♦ Students will reinforce prior knowledge with practice writing and balancing chemical equations.
♦ Students will predict equation products given the reactants.
♦ Students will write chemical formula equations given a word equation.

These task cards are editable! So, if you don’t teach percentage yield, or limiting reactant,, you can replace those cards.

Prior Knowledge for Students:
Students should be very familiar with writing chemical formulas, balancing equations, and writing chemical equations from word problems. They should be able to set up a stoichiometry dimensional analysis problem using conversion factors from the balanced equation.

Teacher Prep Time:
Print, laminate, cut out, and go!

Lesson Duration:
One class period

Included in this product:
✓ 20 task cards (Color or Black & White Print Options)
✓ Student Answer Sheet
✓ Complete Key for task cards—with all problems worked out!
✓ Teacher Notes, tips, and strategies for using task cards in your classroom. (2 pages)

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry students.

Just print on card stock, laminate, and cut. You will have a resource that will last for years!

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