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Everything you need for a successful Gas Laws Unit! Six complete lessons: each lesson includes student notes, detailed teacher notes with several suggested teacher demonstrations, exit tickets, and homework. Also, included in this Mega Unit Bundle are a color-by-number, a board game, and a scavenger hunt. And finally, an editable unit study guide and editable unit test are included!

The Gas Laws Mega Unit Bundle includes these concepts:

  • Describe the Kinetic Molecular Theory of Gases, and how it explains properties of gases.
  • Define pressure, give units of measure for pressure, and describe how pressure is measured.
  • State the standard conditions of pressure and temperature, and convert units for pressure and temperature.
  • Use Boyle’s Law to calculate pressure-volume changes at a constant temperature.
  • Use Charles’ Law to calculate volume-temperature changes at a constant pressure.
  • Use the three steps to solving a formula to solve problems
  • Use Gay-Lussac’s Law to calculate pressure-temperature changes at a constant volume.
  • Use The Combined Gas Law to calculate volume-temperature-pressure changes.
  • Algebraically manipulate the Ideal Gas Law equation to solve for unknowns.
  • Use the Ideal Gas Law formula to calculate pressure, volume, temperature, and number of moles.
  • State Avogadro’s Law.
  • State Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure and work problems.
  • State Graham’s Law of Effusion and work problems
  • Use stoichiometry and the Ideal Gas Law formula to calculate amounts of product formed or reactant used during reactions not at STP

Products Included in This Mega Bundle:

  • Lesson: Gas Laws: An Introduction
  • Lesson: Boyle’s Law & Charles’ Law
  • Lesson: Gay-Lussac’s Law & The Combined Gas Law
  • Lesson: The Ideal Gas Law
  • Lesson: Mixtures of Gases – Dalton & Graham
  • Lesson: Gas Stoichiometry
  • Gas Laws Color-by-Number
  • Conversion! The Chemistry Board Game- The Gas Laws Edition (one of my top selling products!)
  • Gas Laws Scavenger Hunt
  • Gas Laws Group Study Guide

Free Bonuses:

  • Unit Test – pdf
  • Unit TestEditable w/ KEY

Note: The PowerPoints included in this bundle are editable, animated PowerPoints. This means that slides will appear to be busy and even overlapping in the “slide” mode, but will be awesome in the “slide show” mode. Please don’t edit the PowerPoint until you have watched it in slide show mode.

Included in This Product:

  • (8) Animated PowerPoints- Editable- 182 Total Slides
  • (8) Student Notes- Cornell Style Cloze Notes w/Example KEYs – editable, print, & digital
  • (8) Homework Assignments w/KEYS – editable, print, & digital
  • (8) Exit Tickets w/KEYS – editable, print, & digital
  • (1) Chemistry Board Game: Conversion: The Chemistry Board Game – The Gas Laws Edition
  • (1) Scavenger Hunt: Gas Laws
  • (1) Color-by-Number: Gas Laws
  • (5) Teacher Notes slide by slide, tips, and strategies.
  • (36 pages), includes several suggested teacher demos
  • (1) Gas Laws Unit Group Study Guide
  • Unit Study Guide—Editable w/ KEY
  • Unit Study Guide – pdf
  • Unit TestEditable w/ KEY
  • Unit Test - pdf

All lessons include digital resources for the student notes, exit ticket, and homework! Find the links in each lesson’s folder.

All lessons include editable files for the student notes, exit tickets, and homework! Find the folder labeled “editable files” in each lesson’s folder.

This BUNDLE will be a something you will want to use year after year and SAVE you money, too!

This lesson is appropriate for grades 9-12 chemistry or physical science. 

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  • Gas Laws: Gas Stoichiometry
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